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Secure Doors

ECLA has two secure doors you must enter to get to your child's classroom.  The outside school door is always monitored by our staff.  When you ring the doorbell on the outside of the school, a camera goes off to allow us to see who is here.  You will always be given access by a staff member so that we know exactly who is in our school.  Once in our lobby area, there is a second secure door you must pass through to gain access to our classrooms and students.  This door is only opened using a personalized 4-digit pin code that you will be given upon registration.  There is nothing we take more serious than the safety of our students.

Secure Biometric Fingerprint Check-In

When you drop your child off at ECLA you will check-in your child via a biometric fingerprint scanner that records who checked your child in/out and exactly what time and the classroom they are dropped off to.  You can rest assured that the front office as well as your children's teachers know exactly where your child is at all times.

SMART Technology

All of the classrooms from 2-years-old and up have SMART Board technology!  Our SMART Boards are large screens that are touch sensitive.  Teachers have laptops that connect to a projector onto the board.  Your child will dance, sing, learn, and have fun using SMART Boards in short increments throughout the day.  Our students use technology in teacher-led activities to enrich their daily learning, and our SMART Boards are only used for learning activities - not TV watching.  On rainy days, instead of going outside to the playground, our students do dance or yoga activities led through the SMART board. 

Brightwheel Parent Communication App

Our parent communication app - powered by Brightwheel - is a parent favorite!  You will know exactly what is going on during your child's day at school in REAL TIME.  No more waiting until pick-up to know if your child had a good day!  Download the FREE Brightwheel app on your smart phone and our teachers will use their iPads to enter all the information you need to know about your child's day!  Diaper changes, nap times, snacks and lunch, and learning activities will all be entered throughout the day for you to check.  Our parents can send messages back and forth with teachers and your child's teacher can even send you photos throughout the day so you can be assured that your child is happy and well taken care of while they are at school.

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