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Safety First

At Excel Creative Learning Academy we take safety and security to the next level!  We believe there is nothing more important than your child being safe and well cared for while at school.  ECLA has implemented many safety policies and procedures designed to keep your child safe while in our care.  These safety nets are in place from the moment you enter our school doors to the moment you leave at the end of the day. 

  • Cameras throughout the building and in the elevators - Before arriving to our school you are already on camera (smile!). 

  • Before you are given access to our school we know who we are opening the door for -  When you ring the doorbell a moveable camera faces out to the hall and an ECLA employee will allow you in.

  • Bio-metric Fingerprint Check-In/Out - Child check-in and attendance is done through a fingerprint scan.  We know exactly what time your child came to school and who dropped them off.  You can look review this data in your family account.

  • Secondary secure door - To get to your child's classroom, you must pass through a secondary secure door that is opened with a four-digit code.  When you enroll your child at ECLA, you will be given an individual access code.  Anyone who is visiting our school must be escorted by a member of our team.

  • Closed Circuit TV System - Once inside our school there are cameras in all classrooms and hallway areas (as well as on our playground).  These cameras are used to monitor activities in the classroom and to ensure your child's safety while at ECLA.  Video is recorded on a digital feed and can be reviewed at the parent's request. 

  • Brightwheel Parent App - When you deliver your child to their classroom, their teacher will also check them in using our parent communication app.  By checking your child in a second way, we have a checks and balances system in case a parent ever forgets to clock their child in. 

  • Office Attendance Checks - Each time your child leaves or returns to our school (to go for a walk or to the playground), their class is counted and compared to our check-in attendance to ensure that all students are accounted for.

  • Two-Way-Radios - Each teacher/class that leaves our school has a two-way-radio to ensure communication between the front office and their class.  If there is ever an issue, we can be there in a flash to help out!

  • School Intercom System - Our school is equipped with intercoms in every room to ensure easy communication between teachers/front office. 

  • Emergency Drills - We follow all applicable Department of Children and Families laws governing emergency procedures.  We practice fire drills and shelter in place drills.

  • Hospital Campus Location - We are located on the campus of the Medical Center of Trinity hospital and are quickly able to seek medical attention should the need arise.

  • Peanut Free School - ECLA follows a strict peanut free policy as we have many students with epi-pen peanut allergies.  We substitute with sun butter or almond butter.

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