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Excel Creative Learning Academy provides educational programs that are designed to fully prepare children for their elementary school years.  Our goal is to get children excited about being active participants in their education. Class sizes and teacher/child ratios will meet or exceed the Florida Department of Children and Families Child Care Rules and Regulations Under Chapter 65C-22 of the Florida Administrative Code for Child Care Standards.  This means that each child will get more individualized attention from their teachers.  All classrooms have two teachers in them at a time during the majority of the day to allow for more hands-on learning activities to take place. 

Our students are EXCITED about learning, and you will be amazed to see how much they grow and develop during their time at ECLA!


Our infant classrooms are named the Discoverers and Climbers classrooms because the babies in these classrooms are discovering the world around them by using their senses. Our infants are divided into two smaller classrooms (young infants and mobile infants) where they receive individualized attention from their teachers. At this age it is imperative to talk, hold, rock, sing to, read to and make eye contact with these little ones. At Excel Creative Learning Academy, our infant teachers will help your child discover their surroundings on a daily basis.


Our Travelers and Explorers are ready to get into everything! They are very curious and want to explore anything they can. Our teachers foster this inquisitive nature by doing lots of hands-on and sensory activities, allowing your child to really explore their classroom and what they are learning about. Art projects become huge at this age - and the messier the better!


The Navigators and Adventurers classrooms are rooms full of discovery! Two-Year-Olds always want to know why- and in these classrooms they get to investigate their surroundings through amazing art projects and technology. Our students begin enrichment through the use of a SMART Board in these rooms, and the learning just takes off from there!


The Investigators & Pathfinders classrooms are a place of adventure! Three-Year-Olds at Excel Creative Learning Academy embark on a journey of learning! The use of SMART Boards for math and language arts skills is amazing at this age. The children are absolutely engaged in their interactive and hands-on lessons!

VPK / PreK-4

The Voyagers & Innovators classrooms are where children go to get creative! Four-year-olds at Excel Creative Learning Academy prepare for Kindergarten through discovery and creative thinking! The use of SMART Boards for math, science and language arts skills is to keep the children engaged in what they are learning. We particularly focus on project-based learning in this classroom, and we let the children guide their learning based on interests. Our four-year-olds will be well-prepared to take the next step to Kindergarten when they leave our PreK-4 program.

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