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3 by September 1st

1:11 Ratio

Pathfinders & Adventurers


The Pathfinders classrooms are a place of learning and growth!  Our students learn through play as well as teacher led whole and small group activities.  Lots of hands-on activities keep our students engaged and having fun all day long!


When your three-year-old is dropped off in their classroom, parents and teachers will discuss any concerns or events that the teacher should be aware of. It is the job of both the parent and teacher to help the child make the transition. We will make sure that your child is well taken care of and quickly involved in classroom activities to keep them engaged.


Our students enjoy eating lunch and snack with their classmates and teachers. This is not only a time for eating, but a time for learning social skills and table manners. Our teachers eat with the children to help teach appropriate table skills. We encourage your child to use silverware, open their own packages, and we clean up spills with smiles at Excel Creative Learning Academy, because we understand that it is a developmental milestone for your child.


Our three-year-olds usually sleep for about two hours. Everyone has their own individual cot and sheet to nap on. Feel free to send in a small pillow and blanket and/or stuffed animal to make nap time easier. Our children are so engaged and busy throughout the day that they usually have no problems taking an afternoon nap. Our teachers will be there helping your child to get comfortable and relaxed.


By the time your child enters our PreK-3 classrooms they should be potty trained. All our sinks and toilets are low to the ground to help encourage independence in the bathroom. Accidents are going to happen and we don't get upset about it. Please send in several changes of clothing for your child (as well as socks and shoes!) so we don't run out if an accident happens!


In the PreK-3 program we get messy and have lots of fun doing it! We use a combination of Creative Curriculum, Souns Curriculum, Second Step Curriculum, art activities, SMART Boards, sensory tables, books, gardening, and outside adventures to learn all about ourselves and our surroundings. This is such an important year for your child's development! Literacy skills start at a young age and at Excel Creative Learning Academy we will engage and enrich your child's surroundings to help build their vocabulary and letter/sound knowledge.  Your child will work on their PreK-3 portfolio throughout the school year, and you will be able to track their growth and learning.


Teachers will share information about the child's day with their parents. This is also a time for transition from teacher to parent.

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