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Parent Communication

At Excel Creative Learning Academy we believe it takes a village to raise a child, and that we are all in this together! One of the things that makes our school unique is that we build relationships with our families. We want to work with you to provide your child a team of people that love, nurture, and care for them in a positive environment, and home-school communication plays a large part in that.

My Brighwheel

Brightwheel is a parent communication app that ECLA provides to all enrolled families.  It's simple - you download a free app on your smart phone and we take care of the rest!  During the day your child's teacher will add pertinent information into the app about your child's day, such as learning activities, medications given, length of nap, meals, diaper changes, and more!  You will get to see these notes in real time as they are entered - there is no more waiting until the end of the day to see how your little one's day went.  You can even send your child's teacher a direct message within the app!  One of our parents' favorite features is when they receive pictures of their child throughout the day.  You can rest assured that your child is being well taken care of while they are in our care.

ECLA Email

You can reach any member of the ECLA staff through our internal email.  Visit our team page to link to our staff email.

The Excel Editorial

Read our monthly newsletter for school information and events!

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