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K-2 Student Information

Elementary Parents,

Thank you so much for your continued patience as we get our plans into place for the next few weeks!  We were approved late yesterday afternoon to have 38 students in the space across the hall (Suite 201).  This is great news!  We are still trying to continue to keep our groups as small as possible for health and safety purposes, so please only schedule your child  for days that are necessary due to work.  Please select the days of the week for the next two weeks that you would like to have your child attend ECLA.  

Thank you for the feedback on our previous survey.  We have plenty of people interested in their child staying at ECLA to do distance learning  through the first semester.  We are continuing to gather information and will have a more detailed plan out to you by the end of the week if you expressed interest in keeping your child enrolled at ECLA for this program.

Thank you!   ~ Erika

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